It is good news for those with morning preference as new research suggests that evening preference is associated with higher BMI in those with type 2 diabetes.

Another study has revealed the alarming fact that like sugar, artificial sweeteners too can contribute to diabetes, obesity, and a myriad of related diseases. Please read on to get more updates regarding Nasal glucagon, Estrogen replacement therapy etc.

Gems video of the month features an update on the latest innovations in diabetes technology showcased at ATTD 2018, Vienna, Austria.

Our regular updates – Drug updates, Recipe of the month, Gems Picture of the Month and JDC updates continue.

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Technologies in Diabetes, 2018; Update
From ATTD by Jothydev


Even Active Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes May Have Muscle Complications ‌
A new study published, in Diabetologia has found that poor muscle health may be a complication of Type 1 diabetes (T1D), even among physically active 20-somethings.........READ MORE

Nasal Glucagon Safe, Effective in Treating Hypoglycemic Events in Children at Home or School
A phase 3 study published in the journal Pediatric Diabetes, reports that children with T1D who experienced a moderate hypoglycemic event returned to normal status within half an hour of receiving nasal glucagon (NG) from a caregiver in a real-world setting.........READ MORE

Hormone Replacement Therapy With Estrogen Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
New research in the journal JCI Insight shows how estrogen treatment helps to control blood sugar levels after menopause.........READ MORE

Artificial Sweeteners Too Can Contribute to Diabetes and Obesity
It is well known that sugar, consumed in large amounts, increases the risk of a range of health concerns.........READ MORE

Gems Picture of the Month
Gut microbiota is the new name for the microbe population residing in our intestine. Human gut microbiota contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including almost 1000 different species of known bacteria with more than 3 million genes (150 times more than the human genes).........READ MORE

Early Breakfast Could Keep a Diabetes Patient’s BMI in Check
Obesity is common among people with Type 2 diabetes (T2D). Having an evening preference -- waking up later and going to bed later – and late meal times have been linked to an increased risk for obesity, but research is lacking regarding this phenomenon among individuals with T2D.........READ MORE

Drug Updates
Due to the increased risk of myocardial infarction (MI) i.e. heart attack in type 2 diabetes (T2DM) patients, scientists have been investigating the effects of liraglutide (Victoza) in the Liraglutide Effect and Action in Diabetes: Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcome (LEADER) trial.........READ MORE

Recipe of the Month
Preheat the oven to 400⁰F for 20 minutes. Scatter the carrots on a baking sheet and brush them with olive oil.........READ MORE

JDC Updates
Croatia, April 2018: Dr.Jothydev Kesavadev was an invited speaker at the Plenary session of the 10th ADIT (Advances in Diabetes and Insulin Therapy) Conference.........READ MORE

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